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What is Fish Run Games SDK

Fish Run Games SDK is a bunch of low level OpenGL 2D/3D libraries, plus its tools and utilities. Fish Run Games SDK mostly written in C++. Fish Run Games SDK is available under 2 licenses: open source GPL license and commercial license. Apps and games, that developed with Fish Run Games SDK, could be deployed on Windows, iOS and Android platform. Fish Run Games SDK consist of:

  • Salmon Engine – an OpenGL 2D/3D engine library;
  • Utils Engine – and engine library containing just minor network and data utils;
  • FreeTypeWorker – a small utility that converts TTF fonts to Salmon Engine format;
  • 2 universal app templates. One is for application, it supports 3 platforms: Windows, iOS and Android. Second one is for 3D Wallpaper for Android, it could be built for Windows and Android only;

Documentation contains 3 documents: this document + GUI Entry Level guide + FreeTypeWorker guide. Salmon Engine supports C++0x/C++11 as in Visual Studio 2010 (For Windows), GCC 4.6.2 (For Android) and XCode 4.6 (For iOS).

System requirements for Fish Run Games SDK

System requirements

System variables

System variables

Salmon Engine

Salmon Engine

Minor information

Naming and coding style

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